Hit and miss in Canmore


Canmore is getting better every day. And with that I mean Grotto Creek. Now only the ladders are missing to climb down to the bottom of the creek for a walk, as it used to be.

What’s still missing in and around Canmore area are picnic grounds with fire pits. The establishment of those would make us happy.

I feel unhappy about the roundabout at the Iron Goat and Benchlands Trail. Money for that could have been used for more important projects. It was OK as it was.

I am also appalled at the construction sites on Bow Valley Trail. Those buildings are far too close to the road and interfere with the traffic flow immensely. I cannot understand how the town approved those construction sites. That was irresponsible. They are always so strict with us, why not with them?

In Banff, they named their special road Banff Avenue. It remained the way it always was and is considered a landmark. Sadly in Canmore, we missed creating such a landmark. That’s sad.

Werner Frey,



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