Healing through colour and landscape


Chakra Suite is the first exhibit from artist Ian Sheldon in four years.

He is a well established artist with a huge following due to being an interesting artist and storm chaser. Chakra Suite is based upon the seven colours in the sanskrit chakra wheel, and how those colors influence our well-being on many levels.

Each painting in this series represents one or more of the healing chakra colours, while simultaneously invoking the power of the Canadian landscape experience. The exhibit runs at Elevation Gallery to Feb. 4.

“The idea for the show and the shift in emphasis was probably from three or four years ago. This is my first solo show in five years, just because I went through so much life stuff, and that journey through major loss kind of opened up this shamanic, spiritual world of healing,” said Sheldon.

“I realized all along I’ve been a colour therapist. That’s what fine art is a lot of the time, you’re saturating yourself, you’re immersing yourself in different colour palates to heal the soul.”

Painting is actually his colour therapy all the time, as ostensibly if someone comes along and looks at his work they’ll be able to see he’s a showman and a storm chaser, but not all the time. With some of his colour and technique he’s played a bit with wanting to explore new avenues of colour and generation just to see how it affects painting with a whole focus on healing.

“It’s been a journey the last five years. It was actually the death of my dad, he died in 2012, and it was like his parting gift was a spiritual slap in the face to wake me up so I can communicate with those on the other side and I can work with the energetic, and the light body, and the soul, and the physical and spiritual healing,” Sheldon said.

“It was just an extraordinary awakening and it was almost like I had no choice. I suddenly found myself being able to read and perceive all kinds of things in people’s souls that needed to be tweaked, and tucked, and healed and so I’ve been practicing for quite a few years now.”

Sheldon has found himself delving with colour therapy on a meditative, distance healing level for almost 10 years now. A fellow healer was encouraging him to do that, and he thought he would give it a go. Luckily, it took a great turn for the positive and he was very successful right after his father passed away.

“Most of the work is very shamanic, the chakra painting is almost the reiki end of things, but I also work with soul fragmentation, and soul contracts and all sorts of spiritual attachments, disorders and wandering spirits,” Sheldon said.

“It’s multi-rooted if you like. I’m not a traditional shaman, I haven’t honed in on one particular channel, it’s more of a blend of a little bit of this and a little bit of that to come up with my own way and style of healing.

“Some of my favourite clients are from the First Nations, particularly from some of the healers from First Nations who found themselves blocked and unable to work. They come to me and have opened things up so they could go back to their home and carry on practicing.

“It’s not like I’m working with any one spiritual avenue, I work with various characters from all kinds – that’s been the story of my life.”


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