Grievance not manufactured


Re.: Photo-ops followup comments

I did not pull my grievance out of the air. The fact is that some half dozen e-mails of mine remained undealt with or were not responded to at all. Why else would I have written this letter?

·I read of another individual not having been able to access Mr. Westhead.

·I am quite willing to accept that it was not Mr. Westhead himself, but rather his office staff responsible.

·At least I have helped Mr. Westhead receiving some positive PR. Good.

·I can also confirm that Mr. Westhead’s office has contacted me, offering three dates to meet with him. While I since have secured the information I initially sought through other channels there are still issues I wanted to discuss. So I am looking forward to meet with him.

·It was not the photo-ops in themselves that triggered my letter but rather the combination of photo-ops with the lack of responses from Mr. Westhead’s office. And as I have mentioned, Mr. Westhead does not have a monopoly on this. He only has the most money to hand out at this time.

·What compounded my frustration was the fact that politicians, bureaucrats and other officials conveniently choose to simply not respond to any of my inquiries if they are inconvenient, the Town of Canmore being a lone leader, closely followed by the RCMP and I invite the mayor to challenge me on this.

·Reflecting, I have concluded that Mr. Westhead may have become somewhat of collateral damage flowing from my overall frustration with the system as a whole. The symptoms were the same, a lack of response. The underlying cause likely different.

·With the air cleared, I hope, I am looking forward to meet with Mr. Westhead.

·And if Carol Picard wanted to share a cup of coffee with me, I am all for it.

Dieter Remppel,



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