Facial fuzz fundraiser funds health for fellows


For a few brief hours last Thursday (Nov. 30), High Rollers in Banff was more ’70s than ’17 as the men of Movember unveiled a month’s worth of moustaches.

Bow Valley men grew ‘staches throughout November to raise money for Men’s health causes, including combating prostate cancer.

“We truly believe that this year we’re going to find the moustache that raises the final dollar that will bring cancer to a halt,” joked Movember moustache judge Andrew Hardingham.

Kidding aside, worldwide Movember fundraising has generated tens of millions of dollars for prostate cancer research.

Banff’s Steve Dickey is a proud wearer of a Tom Selleck-styled ‘stache and is a Movember fundraiser for the past six years.

“I think raising money for men’s health is always a noble goal,” he said.

Growing the perfect moustache isn’t always easy, as Hardingham and fellow judge Michael Corner were quick to point out.

At stake for the perfect set of whiskers was over $10,000 in prizes offered by local Bow Valley businesses.

“A moustache can be so many things,” said Hardingham.

Colour, thickness, and whether the official Banff Movember comb sticks in the hair are all factors in picking the best ’stache.

“The number one word I have to say is ‘girth.’ ”

From thick and bushy to barely a few hairs, the pair of judges also offered a prize for the worst moustache.

What matters is that participants make the effort.

The best moustache ever judged conjured visions of Vincent Price.

“One time we saw this beautiful pencil moustache that started up at the nostril and moved its way right down to the side of the mouth and had really nice space between the whole thing,” said Hardingham.

“Basically, a well manicured moustache.”


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