Exhibit displays what’s Up For Development in Canmore


“The point of art is to talk about it,” said Chrissy Nickerson, and the local artist has painted a clear picture – rather, pictures – of what’s Up For Development in Canmore that will surely get some gabs.

Starting Saturday (Dec. 2) at 2 p.m., the Up For Development exhibit takes over the walls at Canmore’s Elevation Gallery and will run until Dec. 12.

Nickerson has put together 21 new landscape paintings from around the mountain town that are for sale.

“There’s nothing controversial at all, you’ll walk in and see beautiful landscape paintings,” said Nickerson about her upcoming exhibit. “I think to see the theme, it’s in the dialogue of talking about it.

“I think in Canadian culture, we want art to be relevant in our world.”

Having lived in Canmore on and off since she was 12 years old, Nickerson has first hand knowledge of the mountain town’s evolution – for better or for worse.

Elevation Gallery owner Cheryl Baxter said the exhibit speaks to Nickerson’s experience.

“When I look at the work, it’s all about the fact that (Nickerson) grew up here and slowly, but surely, those hugely enigmatic parts of town are the parts that (she) dug into,” said Baxter.

“It’s almost a sentimental look at what where we are now and who knows what it will become, so it’s kind of capturing a moment in time.”

Nickerson came up with the idea this past September, and wants to document more things that are relevant as she grows as an artist, she said.

“It’s a hot topic in Canmore … I had more paintings of specific sites like the church and the park, Larch Park, certain paintings I was really trying to paint; sites that are definitely going that we will have to say goodbye to.”

The exhibit is not an anti-development statement, though, as Nickerson said she wants it to bring attention to Canmore’s undeveloped areas that help tell the story, perhaps the aging story before major housing price tags, of the mountain town that is and once was.


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