Everyone responsible for bears


Here we go again; I open the paper and am shocked to see the front page photo of the poor bear behind a rifle sight.

I can’t believe you think the hunter has no blame. This person was out with a guide, according to a National Post report. Both could see she had a collar and was being tracked by officialdom.

There was a choice to be made here and it was the wrong one. What do these dreadful people do, pin the bear on the wall? If one is unaware of the arsenal used against innocent creatures, get educated, pick up a copy of Alberta Outdoorsman magazine and take a look at these morons holding up dead animals as if they were still alive and grinning, like the idiots they are, as well as the revolting inventions they use to kill and maim.

It’s the 21st century folks, it’s about time this so-called harvest was stopped once and for all. I always thought harvest referred to fruit, veggies and the like, or are they trying to hide the cruelty?

Everyone is responsible in seeing that no more bears are hurt. That means: no more off-leash dogs, no removing closure tapes, and no more thinking that the notices don’t apply to you in particular.

After all, we come from all over the world to see these iconic species. At this rate, there won’t be anything left.

Linda Washington,

Shipley, U.K.


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