Doug Macnamara


Banff Executive Leadership Inc – President (2001-now)

– Canadian Diabetes Assoc (Toronto) – Interim CEO (2013)

– The Banff Centre – VP & GM of The Banff Centre for Management (1994-2001)

– Anixter Canada (Mississauga) – VP Sales (1991-1993)

– Royal Trust Co (Toronto) (1985-1991)

– Managing Partner, BRG Associates

– Manager, Strategic Planning & Management/Organizational Development

– John Wiley & Sons Canada (Mississauga) – Associate Editor Science & Technology (1984-1985)

– High School Science Teacher (1992-1993)

In our community I have served 10 years on the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital Board, coached the senior girls’ basketball team of Banff Community High School, coached recreational hockey, provided annual scholarships for leadership at BCHS, and served 10 years as local/provincial/national leader for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

I have also served on the Boards of: National Geographic Television Channel, The Canadian Red Cross Society, Canadian Diabetes Association and more.

24 years

To give back to the community. To ensure continued sustainability and advancement of the Town of Banff into the future.

Honest, Hardworking and Compassionate.

I’m trained in the bio-sciences, environmental ecology, outdoor education and executive development. When I led the Banff Centre for Management we built-up our Environmental Leadership unit, and I led several Bow Valley experts over to Japan to provide such programs there. I have carried my Systems- and Network-thinking of the sciences into the world of business & strategic leadership, with many innovations in the fields of strategic thinking, planning and governance.

Through my life-experience I have presented to and successfully changed policy with Ministers/Deputy Ministers at the Provincial and Federal levels. I have negotiated & worked collaboratively with senior leaders across Canada, Silicon Valley USA, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe. I have had many long-term clients in various Indigenous communities in Canada, and worked effectively with a diversity of cultures and individuals.

Fiscally Conservative with Innovation Focus

• Prudent financial management & careful return on investment (ROI) decision-making

• Tax increases much lower than the recent 5-7% per year, more in line with salary/pension increases

• Use Innovation to create added value, drive services excellence and find cost savings.

Socially Liberal

• Affordable & attainable housing for variety of family types & sizes – innovation in flexible homes, with ability for rental suites or added space as family grows

• Paid parking/Resident pass system that will let resident get to stores when they need, and park in streets by homes, while encouraging visitors & residents to walk, ride, use transit

• Continue to advance on our excellent transit and still challenging traffic flow challenges Environmentally Sustainable

• Protect & sustain our national park & mountain ecosystem while advancing our Nature Tourism as economic & prosperity engine, and implementing global standards for destination

• Continue to innovate programs such as Solar PV incentive initiative with Province

• Encourage households & businesses to continually improve enviro-impact. Global Executive Perspective & Governance Leadership

• Able to credibly represent Town, collaborate & negotiate with corporations & all levels of government

• Futures-perspective – engaging residents, business leaders & stakeholders in imagining the future of Banff, our priorities and aspirations

Role of Council/Councillors is to serve on behalf of the people that elected them – understanding their needs, priorities and perspectives. Then, to think into the future and visualize what the future of Banff should look like. We build the plan & policies to get us there along with administration. This then sets the context for making decisions, handling unforeseen challenges, and weighing trade-offs. We also oversee management in working the plan and delivering on Town services. Keeping good 2-way communication with the people of Banff is also important so they know what we are doing and can understand how and why we make the decisions we do.

But this can all be done, and done well if the will and the capability is there in people on Council.



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