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As a councillor I’ve sat on the Development Appeal Board, the Municipal Planning Commission, the Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission, the Banff Housing Corporation, the Banff Public Library Board, the Community Advisory Committee, and the Banff Heritage Tourism Board.

I’ve volunteered with Banff Pride, the Bow Valley Mentoring Program, the YWCA Nominating and Women of Distinction Committees, the SHINE committee, and the Bow Valley Literacy Program.

As a kid/young adult I spent my summers in Banff and then I moved here when I finished university in 2010.

Over the past four years serving as a councillor, my love for Banff has grown and I want to continue working toward making our mountain town the best it can be.

With a background in journalism, I’m an active listener, fast learner, and keen researcher. As a 30-year-old, I represent a large demographic of Banff and am able to bring this perspective to the conversations. Overall, I’m passionate about and dedicated to being a councillor and I care so much about our community.

Everyone in our community should have a place to call home, which is why I’m committed to addressing housing issues in Banff. A supporter of appropriate housing for all, I will spend the next four years dedicated to working through short-term and long-term solutions recommended in the Community Housing Strategy. 

Let’s keep the momentum of the transit solutions implemented for the summer of 2017 rolling into the future. As the number of vehicles to the Town of Banff increase, mass transit is an ideal way to move people through our roadways with low environmental impacts. I believe strengthening our transit system in the Bow Valley and beyond is essential to reducing vehicle volumes during busy times.

When asked if Banff was an affordable place to live in the 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 61% of people said no. From housing to food security, I’m committed to making it more affordable for Banffites to live, work, and play here through supporting low cost initiatives.

Voter turnout
In the last municipal election 1,878 Banffites cast their vote, which was 259 voters more than the 2010 election. Just like in 2013, I’m super passionate about seeing that number increase because I believe voting is one of the best ways to support your vision for the future of Banff.

The greatest challenge is maintaining a clear vision for the community, not just over the next four years, but also long into the future. That means setting strategic goals that can be achieved in those four years, but have positive impacts for years to come. 

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