Canmore has speeding problem


I am writing in response to several comments made in the article, Canmore photo radar expiring in 2018. In the article, a source asks, “Do we actually have a speeding problem?”

To answer that, here’s a few pieces of proof for you. Have you driven down Three Sisters Parkway doing 50 km/h lately? Try it, and see how many cars show up from nowhere and tailgate you because you’re not going fast enough.

Then, go to Bow Valley Trail, where there are two construction zones clearly marked 30 km/h, and see how about one per cent of cars will slow down.

These zones are there for the protection of the workers, but also the drivers. One of these zones has a drop right off the road and, with the recent snow and ice, drivers can easily lose control and slide off the road into that hole. But does that occur to anyone when they are on their way for a Tim Hortons coffee? Probably not.

Then ask why there are so many complaints in the paper or on your Facebook page from people complaining about the tickets they received. They wouldn’t get tickets if they were not speeding.

So, yes, speeding is most definitely a problem in Canmore.

Furthermore, speed traps can and should be set up at random places. Just because Palliser Trail isn’t a high volume area, doesn’t mean it should be free from enforcement.

The idea is to keep people from knowing where or when they will be caught, so maybe they will just slow down to the speed limits throughout town.

As for your concern over tourists getting tickets: Who cares? Should tourists be given a free pass to break our laws just because they are not from here? They get tickets at home, and they should get them from Canmore if they are speeding through our town and putting our lives in danger.

In fact, that goes for one-third of our town who are weekenders. They use their addresses from Calgary or wherever on their registrations, and they come here as visitors, so should they get to speed wherever they want?

Finally, is photo radar a cash cow? You bet it is. If I said I’ll give you $200 for every car that speeds by your house, would you not be out there counting? Damn right you would. But keep this in mind: radar is only a cash cow if we allow them to take our money.

Stop speeding and obey the laws, and maybe one day radar won’t be there to take your money.

Perhaps one day everyone will get that message.

Jason Wilkinson



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