Brian Standish


General Manager Standish Home Hardware

Brewster Canada – International Sales Manager

Brewster Canada – Driver

MPC, DAB, Bow Valley Regional Housing, Bow Valley Waste Management, Assessment Review Board

58 years

I’m seeking re-election because I want to continue the momentum we’ve started with the 2015-2018 strategic plan. The plan touches on all aspects of our life in Banff and includes the hot topics of housing and transportation.

The most important quality I would bring to public office is experience. I’m seeking my 3rd term on Banff Council and I’m very comfortable with how the town operates.

The two issues I hear about the most are transportation and housing. I personally also place a high priority on recreation, the environment and social well being

I believe the greatest challenge facing elected officials in Banff when it comes to planning for the future in Banff is change. Most people don’t like change but we seen Banff change considerably over the years. The funny thing about change is that change doesn’t call ahead. You never know what change will bring. That’s why it is so important to keep Banff at the forefront of change.

I can be reached by email at, on twitter @banffborn or you can visit my Facebook page Re-elect Brian Standish for Banff Council 2017, or visit my website


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