Bouquets to theatre groups


We would like to offer a huge round of applause to the theatre scene in the Bow Valley. This past month, we were lucky enough to witness two powerful pieces of theatre right here in our own community.

Pinetree Player’s recent production of Noises Off has raised the bar for local theatre productions. Not only did the ensemble cast marvelously support and play off each other in a technically complex farce, but co-directors Rob Murray and Ron Deans showed remarkable vision as they concocted a dynamic and beautifully balanced stage piece for the audience’s viewing pleasure.

Despite constant door-slamming abuse, the set stood strong, proving that everyone who worked on this production deserves accolades for a job well done.

Just as impressive was Banff Community High School’s staging of Avenue Q, a challenging and mature-themed puppet show that required acting, singing, dancing, and puppetry – often at the same time.

Dozens of roses should be strewn upon co-directors Joe Bembridge, Shane Nizinkevich, and Elissa Sunderland for their visionary efforts to create these formative opportunities for high schoolers to shine when many others would be afraid of the edgy subject matter.

To the cast: may you forever hear the thunderous applause of felt hands – your puppets are indebted to you. You brought those inanimate pieces of fabric to life with movement, voice and purpose. Real life characters were responsive and dynamic, matching the wacky energy that puppets bring to the stage.

The ensemble should be especially proud of its ability to carry the show through active dance numbers, stage business, and energetic crowd scenes.

Thank you all for the ephemeral joy you have brought to our lives and our valley with your art. We encourage everyone to become engaged with the local theatre community, and to get out to see the fun shows scheduled this next month.

Tangle and Tyler McClaron,



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